Tips for Designing a Dramatic Powder Room

Tips for Designing a Dramatic Powder Room

All too often, powder rooms are an afterthought in home design. Being small and utilitarian, they just don't get the same attention as the rest of the house. For some designers, however, thats exactly why you shouldn't be afraid to take a chance and be bold in the powder room. It's the perfect way to introduce some surprising flair to your home and make it more memorable!

Here are five tips for designing a powder room that worth getting excited about:

Tactile Textures and Bold Patterns
The walls are going to define the ambiance in such a small space, making them a good area to focus on first. Ornate patterns that would be too overbearing anywhere else in the house can be fun to use here and provide an unexpected visual pop. A fabric wallpaper, like velvet or linen, will make it a tactile experience that's far from the ordinary.

Sinks That Inspire
Go with an exciting design for the sink and vanity, like a stone vessel or a marble under-mount. Metallic fittings, such as nickel and brass, are another way to mix it up. And don't forget about the mirror, which is an opportunity to bring in an artistic or antique focal point.

Creative Lighting
With all the layers and textures that you're adding to the powder room, lighting is an essential component. Decorative sconces that flank the mirror or lavish pendant lights hanging from above can illuminate the room while contributing to the overall aesthetic.

Daring Color Schemes
A unique color palette is integral to the dramatic powder room. Even if you choose to stay away from textures and patterns, you can give the walls an imaginative shade, like a deep, navy blue that complements metallic fixtures or a vibrant burst of orange. If you're going for more of a chic look, another option is all black.

Look Up and Down
Finally, don't overlook the floors and ceilings. A hand-painted ceiling makes a delightful surprise that shows your home has serious attention to detail. For the floors, patterned tile or stone slabs add further appeal and ensure your powder room is a showstopper from top to bottom.

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